Ways to Grow your Salon Business

Like all ventures, a salon business needs to break free of mediocrity to grow exponentially and make a mark in this industry. To achieve this result, you have to take certain steps to guide the business accordingly. However, like all service-oriented sectors, there is no one standardised solution to grow your salon business. You will have to devise strategies that will be tailored to your business based on your clients’ expectations, the location of your salon and any long term goals that you have in mind.

Here are a few steps that you will do well to follow to reach your growth objectives.

Focus on your existing clients – There are the people who will repeatedly come back for your services if they are satisfied with what you offer. So, you do not have to go through a new PR exercise every time they walk in. Work out a short pitch of sale for any new products or upgraded services which will lift benchmarks that you have already established. Stress on benefits of these new routines and maybe explain them to your client during their routine beauty sessions to save time. In this way, you will be able to earn more per individual client without having to invest further in new and more sophisticated equipment.

Broaden your services and products – You have to constantly bring in new products and services based on technological advancements made in the beauty sector. For example, upgrade your existing IPL hair removal machine and equipment to the latest ones available. Not only will the service be quicker, you’ll also be able to offer higher quality treatments. Remember, clients who are impressed are the best marketers for you, enticing their friends and relatives to try your services.

A point to remember is that before adding to services and equipment, you should try and find out what the clients really want from you. Spend a little time on research and talking to them. You can then be sure that additional investments will surely pay you rich dividends and contribute to the growth of your salon business.

Decide on a niche for your salon and implement it – If you try and offer comprehensive services that touch all aspects of beauty treatments, you will not reach good revenue levels. It is what your competitors will be offering too and you will not be able to build a dedicated bank of loyal customers. But things will be different if you focus on specialised services. For example, select a niche that relates to optimised permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation procedures with IPL laser machines. Invest heavily in state of the art equipment and trained staff. Your salon will build up a reputation in this direction and will be the place to visit for people exclusively needing these procedures.

However, do not neglect the common haircuts or styling or manicures and pedicures. These are also intrinsically linked to salon services and should be on the card too.

Trained and experienced staff – No amount of cutting edge equipment and quality of products used can replace the workmanship of trained and qualified staff. Do not compromise on this investment, only if you pay lucrative salaries will you get the best available talent. They are a creative lot and should be given space to give off their best without being overloaded with a demanding schedule every day. While their job might not be as rigorous as other professions, their need for a work/life balance must be respected. Have tastefully decorated restrooms where they can recoup their energy between assignments. Being on the feet for hours at a time is definitely taxing.

These are some suggestions to grow your salon services, any further strategies will depend on your assessment.


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