Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your Own Salon

Starting your own salon is not a walk in the park with so many things to consider. In the early stages, even a simple mistake or wrong decision can totally mar your business. Since a salon offers client-centric services, a drop in customer care can be disastrous for you, even if you have the best location and equipment in town. So to truly optimise your salon’s operating efficiencies it is important to understand and avoid some of the more common mistakes and pitfalls.

Wrong location – A business without a proper frontage or one tucked away out of sight can be bad for your business. While it is true that many beauty salon clients are regulars and the location of the clinic is not important for them, a growing awareness of the benefits of beauty treatments results in some patients’ spontaneously walking in. These are the customers that a secluded salon would miss out on.

There is also a general misconception that salons located in residential areas thrive more, however, this could not be further from the truth. In today’s beauty scenarios, professional office workers will take advantage of a quick nearby treatment during their lunch hour. This is the growing segment that you will miss out if your salon only caters to residential areas, or is in a secluded suburb. To avoid limiting your clientele it is important to locate your beauty salon at a busy junction with adequate frontage for signage.

Wrong pricing structure – High prices do not necessarily reflect the quality of your business, customers today are very discerning and price sensitive, with their perception changing depending on your customers. A top price range might be a benefit for upscale localities where clients will equate mid-range prices with poor service quality. The reverse mentality might also apply in some cases where too low a price might build a perception of poor services, regardless of the quality of your equipment or trained staff.

Given customers are the lifeblood of a salon, it is important to get your price range right. Visit other salons in your area to study the rates charged by them and the level of services offered. Typically a lot will depend on your salon location and it is imperative that your judgement is right on this score for business growth and development.

The wrong choice of equipment – Do not plan too far ahead and purchased all your equipment at the start. Your salon will typically grow slowly so too many purchases at once can actually limit your profitability and ultimate potential. Do not buy a number of microdermabrasion, tattoo removal or Laser IPL machines, at one time. Stagger your purchases to maintain a decent cash flow and try to invest in multi-treatment devices. This approach will also free up funds for other areas of development.

It does not only apply to equipment only. Buy consumables keeping in mind the expected turnover of clients. Purchasing in bulk might get you a good deal and discounts but in the initial stages don’t tie up your investments in dead stocks.

Wrong marketing techniques – If you thought that distributing flyers before the opening day and that the news about the opening of your salon would spread through word of mouth, you would be wrong. You have to get a reputed agency to devise an optimised digital marketing campaign that will increase the online visibility of your website on major search engines. You will get more customers who regularly carry out online searches for products and services. Neglecting this segment would result in missed business opportunities.

Keep these factors in mind, do not make these mistakes and your clinic will surely flourish.


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