Effective Ways to Attract Clients to Your Salon

The hardest part of owning a salon is the competition, there are a lot of beauty and wellness businesses that it is hard to keep up. As a customer, we want someone we can trust with our hair, skin and nail, but how do we know which ones are good. It all comes down to a combination of effective salon marketing strategy and the quality of service being offered.

As a salon owner, you do not need to be a big time company to gain a lot of traction, all you need is an understanding of effective marketing and expertise that can be seen in how the treatments are being executed. Here are some effective ways to attract potential clients to your salon and retain them.

Offer impeccable services – Outstanding services goes beyond a great treatment, cut or style. The entire client experience from the beginning to end needs to be positive and attention detailed. Consider your salon environment, keep it clean, sweep hair off the floor constantly, keep your styling tools clean and tidy, the towels you use should be sanitised and check whether the paint is peeling from the walls?

Review your target market – The idea here is to fine tune your target customers by placing them into groups with similar needs so you can better align your services to fit their needs. If you want to attract younger clients, then craft strategies that appeal them. For instance, the trend is colouring hair in a unique way. Then post videos and photos on social media about how you provide this service and also make sure your models are of the demographic you want to attract.

Utilise social media – Create a lasting impression on your followers. Share your work on all the social media portals. If you have introduced a new hairstyle, upload demo videos and photographs. The majority of people are on social media, so make sure you are maximising the use of it. You can even run contests or ask the clients to upload a photo of the new hairstyle they got from your salon. Any social media interaction from your customers is good for your business.

Be a part of your team – Sitting around and waiting will not attract clients. You will get noticed and build clientele by indulging in practice. When other clients in your salon see your positive attitude, your sense of excitement and enthusiasm, they are going to recommend you to their family and friends. There is nothing better than word of mouth marketing. Plus it would be a good addition if you have a team of mobile hair stylist in Melbourne who can travel within the city to provide services to clients.

Offer a loyalty programme – A great loyalty programme can win hearts of your potential customers. If you already have a programme running, try spicing it up and making it more worthy for your customers. A loyalty programme can be simple, for example, schedule 3 haircuts and get one at half the price. Rewarding your customers or some sort of a give back will ensure they’ll come back to your salon.

These are sure-fire ways to attract clients to your salon, but you must work hard to keep them coming back for more. Offer great deals and quality services and your clients will never look at another salon.


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