Benefits of Permanent Hair Removal Treatment

Remember the times when you had to take out the tweezers or epilator or the wax jar periodically to look neat and fresh with a shining skin texture? Well, all that is a thing of the past. Laser and IPL technology based equipment have revolutionised hair removal from temporary to permanent. But before going into the benefits of permanent hair removal it will be relevant to give in a nutshell how the whole process actually works.

Laser and IPL make use of light energy to permanently remove hair. Beams of concentrated light are targeted at the area under treatment. This is absorbed by the pigment melanin under the surface of the skin. Melanin is what actually gives hair its colour. The light energy denatures the hair follicles and cells and destroys them making them incapable of further growth. Before the treatment, technicians operating the machines will record your health history and carry out a skin patch test. This is to decide the settings of the equipment which will depend on your skin colour and hair type.

Any IPL hair removal machine in Australia installed in a beauty clinic and spa is high on quality and safety. It is because they are sourced from top manufacturers around the world and are made from latest German and Japanese components. One of the leading importers and distributors of beauty based devices in the country is Aesthetic Devices. Apart from the quality of the equipment supplied by them, the company is also known for setting benchmarks of excellence in after sales services.

What then are the benefits of permanent hair removal treatments?

  • Effective and safe – Laser and IPL technologies have been in existence for more than a couple of decades and have been tried and tested and certified to be safe for use. Since lasers are precise beams of light, they target only the area under treatment and do not affect the skin in the surrounding areas. Complete permanent hair removal requires about six to seven sessions at monthly intervals depending on the texture of the hair and colour of the skin.
  • Quick treatments – Each session lasts between a few minutes and half an hour depending on the area being treated. A complete bikini line takes about 20 minutes. Most importantly, there is no downtime or recuperation periods and patients can get back to work or daily life immediately after.
  • Saves time and money – Just imagine the time you spend every few days waxing or tweezing out facial or body hair. Or the amount you have spent on razors or wax jars over your lifetime. It sure adds up to a pretty packet. In its stead, permanent hair removal is a onetime affair even though it does cost more than a razor the first time.

However, when you go to a beauty clinic and spa for permanent hair removal, ensure that it has top of the line and sophisticated equipment which are operated by trained and experienced technicians. This is for your own safety and peace of mind.


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